Well Pump Service

Well Pump Service Supports the Way Your Go through Water

Well Pump Service

Whether you need a repair, a new installation or a replacement, well pump service doesn’t need to be disruptive or expensive. Look for a professional with years of experience and positive customer reviews to handle the job. The trained technicians at Brown’s Heating and Plumbing have over 50 years of experience providing satisfied homeowners in York County with well pump service.

Signs You Need Well Pump Service

  • Low water pressure
  • Sediments or bubbles in your water supply
  • Pockets of air in your water supply
  • Periods of surging versus low water pressure at the same faucet angle
  • Hissing or banging noises when you turn on your water supply

Why You Should Call an Expert for Well Pump Service

A trained technician has the tools, training, and materials to properly service your water supply. You’ll avoid prolonged water downtime and protect the quality of the supply used for drinking, bathing, and cleaning. A DIY attempt to solve the problem can make the ultimate repair more expensive and compromise your health and safety.

Common Reasons for Well Pump Service

Brown’s has seen minor issues like a tripped well pump circuit breaker, broken pressure gauge on the well tank, and blocked water filter that needs replacement or cleaning. Our technicians can also diagnose faulty electrical connections, pump mechanical failures, and the need for pump replacement. Rest assured, our minor and more complex repairs will be as timely as possible. Our rates for labor, parts, and new pumps are also competitive and backed by a guarantee.

Diversity in Well Pump Service

The age of your well pump may dictate whether a repair or a replacement is recommended. Pumps vary greatly in life expectancy, in horsepower rating, in gallons per minute capacity, and in manufacturer make and model. Depending on the well depth and pipe connections, some require special equipment for removal and service.

An untrained attempt to service a well pump may aggravate the problem and contaminate your water supply. Whether your issue is minor or complex, our technicians are trained to eliminate it. Call 803-222-7264 for top-rated well pump service that is dependable, safe, and affordable.

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