Heating System Repair

Stay Warm and Toasty All Winter with Professional Heating System Repair

Heating System Repair

Fall is the right time to consider heating system repair. As the temperature drops, heating issues develop into real threats to your home and comfort. Stay warm and comfortable this winter with heating system repair you can trust.

Whether you have a gas-powered furnace or packaged unit with a heat pump, all types of heating systems are subject to damage over time. Wear and tear limits their life span if defects are not addressed. The last thing you want is to be forced into premature replacement of your heating system.

Instead, call Brown’s Heating and Plumbing for a timely repair. We service all makes and models of furnaces and heat pumps. Whether the need for heating system repair is obvious or hidden, our technicians have the training and experience to tackle the issue and come to a resolution.

Here’s a sampling of our most common tasks on a heating system repair visit:

  • Clean or replace air filters.
  • Check the mechanical components and heating element.
  • Inspect electrical components including wiring and controls.
  • Address inability of warm air to reach every zone in your home by monitoring ductwork flow.
  • Observe the repaired heating unit in operation ensuring you won’t need another service call.
  • Adjust or calibrate the thermostat after a heating system repair.
  • Discuss heating efficiency with you, including insulation and thermostat recommendations.
  • Answer your safety questions and alert you to signs of future defects.

Brown’s Heating and Plumbing – Over 50 Years of Experience in Heating System Repair

As comfort specialists, our technicians are up to date on the latest techniques to repair and restore your unit. We’re also great detectives in diagnosing the true cause of your heating issues. Rest assured; our work is guaranteed and backed by a growing list of positive customer testimonials.

When you need heating system repair, you need an expert to help you weigh the pros and cons of repair versus replacement. Brown’s approach is to first consider a less costly repair and do what we can to salvage your existing system. If a replacement is warranted, expect the best prices and latest models from a Trane certified dealer.

If your heating system isn’t working the way it once was, contact Brown’s at 803-222-7264 for heating system repair.

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