Air Conditioning Installation

Expert Air Conditioning Installation in Four Easy Steps

Your air conditioning installation technician has an important job. You want to be confident in your technician and ensure the install is completed right the first time. If you’re looking for air conditioning installation, here are four tips to ensure success.

1. Choose an installation company with an A+ BBB Rating.

Research the company you chose for air conditioning installation. Check customer reviews, company history, and the installer’s website. How many years has the company been operating? Twenty years of experience might work, but extra decades add up to huge benefits for the customer. You want an installer you can rely on to support your investment for years to come.

2. Picking out the perfect size air conditioning unit for air conditioning installation.

Your home and its occupants are unique. Finding the right air conditioning unit for your needs depends on your home or business’ layout, square footage, budget, and occupant habits. A large unit does not mean better cooling comfort. In fact, too large of a unit cycles on and off too frequently and wastes precious dollars on energy. On the other hand, a small unit connected to a programmable thermostat may offer you better efficiency and lower install costs. As a Trane Certified Comfort Specialist, Brown’s offers a wide variety of units from the line and knows how to tailor the model to meet your needs.

3. It pays to be early in air conditioning installation.

Besides avoiding an emergency breakdown in the middle of summer, earlier installations to replace a gradually less efficient unit make sense. Damage can accumulate over time and cause you to pay more on your monthly utility bill. Instead, an early installation ensures the energy you put into your cooling unit is being used to output cold air.

4. Use your time with an expert wisely.

The best way to understand one of the biggest energy users in your home and get comfortable with your new unit is to ask questions during the installation. You may find there’s a more efficient cycle for your programmable thermostat or some early warning signs you need to call a service provider to protect your unit.

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