Air Sealing

Air Sealing is One of the Top Ways to Save Money on Heating and Cooling

Air Sealing

Air sealing is important in new HVAC installs and after a period of time for preventative maintenance. Heating and cooling systems can lose up to 20% of conditioned air in the ductwork. Brown’s air sealing service limits these losses and provides proper ventilation to control the temperature of your home.

Even if your heating and cooling unit outputs air at the ideal temperature, the air must make it to each zone of your home. Multiple stories, high ceilings, and large square footage are challenges for a ventilation system. Improperly sealed or worn duct joints will release heated or cooled air before it reaches the exit vents throughout your home. Ventilation systems do have a limited life span. Your HVAC system will continue to work harder and waste energy due to ventilation damage over time.

The Brown’s Air Sealing Approach

Brown’s air sealing package offers a solution for every space. Whether your initial ductwork installation was defective or your equipment has worn over time, our technicians have a timely and cost effective solution that could save you money long term. Also our work won’t turn your home into a construction zone; we’ll clean up and limit the work to the problem areas.

Tightening the ducts is a routine maintenance option for many homes and systems. Replacing worn or damaged joints is another alternative that doesn’t require a brand new installation. If the real issue is clogged ductwork, improper zone set up or blocked vents; our experts will recognize the real problem is not air sealing but another approach. We know you want to correct the real issue and deal with problems right the first time.

For new ductwork systems, count on your Brown’s technician to properly seal the ducts. For existing ductwork, our experts will troubleshoot and repair leaks and other ventilation failures. Not only will your comfort level be immediately improved, but also your monthly utility bills may benefit.

At Brown’s Heating and Plumbing, our goal is to provide a more energy efficient and comfortable environment for you and your family. Call 803-222-7264 for a free estimate on air sealing services at your home.

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