Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Keep York County Homeowners Comfortable All Year Long

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer an alternative to burning fossil fuels to heat your home. Burning fossil fuels is not completely efficient and produces byproducts that contribute to ozone pollution and global warming. Instead, a heat pump that uses electricity as its fuel source is a clean and efficient way to both heat and cool your home.

Brown’s Heating and Plumbing has over 50 years of experience offering heat pumps to homeowners in the York County area. Our customers have some common questions, which we’ll answer here. We look forward to visiting your home for heat pump service and installation. The benefit for you is having just one system to efficiently heat and cool your home – one that also happens to be environmentally friendly.

What Are Heat Pumps and How Do They Work?

Heat pumps are a complete heating and cooling solution. Their main energy source is clean electricity. Instead of changing the temperature of the air, heat pumps move air in the ideal direction to heat and cool your space. Warm air is added to your home in the winter and hot air is removed from your home in the summer. To the homeowner, the interior space feels comfortable in all four seasons.

Why Use Heat Pumps Instead of Conventional Heating and Cooling Systems?

This type of heating and cooling solution is generally more cost effective to maintain. They offer one convenient system for preventative maintenance visits and lower monthly utility bills. In addition, heat pumps are quiet and have only a few mechanical moving parts.

Brown’s Heating and Plumbing Heat Pumps

Brown’s offers top quality Trane heat pumps for heating and cooling your home. As a Trane certified comfort specialist, we have the latest and most efficient models available. Our comprehensive warranty on new installations and our competitive preventative maintenance plans offer great protection for your investment.

Call 803-222-7264 for heat pumps installation, repair, and maintenance. Our technicians will visit your home and offer a free estimate.

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