Split Systems

Split Systems Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Long

Split Systems

Split systems cool your home in the warmer months and heat your home during the colder months. There are three main components of a split system: an outdoor cooling unit, an indoor heating unit, and a shared air handling unit. Expect heating, cooling, moisture control, and air quality maintenance from split systems. Here’s a look at how the units work together for your complete comfort.

The Outdoor Unit of Split Systems Works Hard in the Summer

Most of us call the outdoor unit the air conditioner, but it’s not the complete cooling system. It actually ties into the interior of your home to provide cool air. The visible outdoor unit is the compressor. Refrigerant lines run between the compressor and the cooling coil inside your home. The refrigerant is ready to accept heat energy from warm indoor air when it enters your home. When it exits your home and returns to the compressor, it completes a cooling loop.

The Indoor Unit of Split Systems Is Called into Action in the Winter

The indoor heating component is the furnace. Cold air returns from the home, passes over the heating unit, and increases in temperature. The warm air is then supplied to the ductwork and vents inside your home. The furnace is typically fueled by gas or oil and located in the basement.

The Shared Air-Handling Unit of Split Systems Doesn’t Get a Break

The common component for split systems is called the air-handler. The air-handler is a box or cabinet inside your home, where it contains a filter and fan. The filter eliminates air contaminants and protects the air handler from excessive debris. The fan blows air at the ideal temperature back to the ductwork and to the vents of your home. The fan provides a fresh supply of filtered, moisture controlled indoor air so many homeowners keep it on all year long.

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