Air Conditioning Service

Your Source For Air Conditioning Service in the York County Area

Air conditioning service keeps your home cool, comfortable, and calm all summer long. When the temperatures soar outside, you rely on air conditioning inside. The heat and humidity of the Southeast warrants an efficient cooling system to protect your family and your valuables.

Brown’s Heating and Plumbing offers air conditioning service that includes repair, replacement, new installation, and preventative maintenance. Count on Brown’s for both emergency air conditioning service and a visit every spring to clean and calibrate your cooling system. Look no further for the best in air conditioning service.

Brown’s Is Your Source for New Units

For new installs and replacements, the latest models of our Trane line keep utility costs down. Expect user-friendly equipment with top efficiency ratings. Our technicians will evaluate your space and recommend a selection of units that meet your budget and cooling goals.

Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance

An air conditioning service agreement prevents small problems from becoming large ones. Certified technicians address minor issues and prevent a premature replacement. As an added bonus, your unit is restored to peak efficiency and your utility bill is kept in check.

It’s always the right time to sign up for a maintenance plan. An annual visit is recommended for both old units at the end of their life and new units recently installed. We’d like to see you every spring to service your cooling system.

Brown’s Is Competitive and Committed to Our Customers

Air conditioning service costs range from provider to provider. It’s not hard to ensure you are getting a competitive rate. Shop and compare, know what’s included, and perform a reference check. Brown’s will win your lifelong business not only with our rates, but also our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We’re certified, licensed, and insured to provide air conditioning service in your home. Besides the basic credentials, our goal is to become your air conditioning service partner for life.

During those hot summer months, be confident that Brown’s Heating and Plumbing will be there for you. Call us at 803-222-7264 for the best in air conditioning service.

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