Waterstove Connection

Waterstove Connection Service Keeps You Toasty When the Temperature Drops

Waterstove Connection

Not only does your initial waterstove connection herald the start of the cooler months by creating a cozy and attractive ambiance, it’s also an inexpensive source of hot water for your home in the winter. Waterstoves are economical, efficient, and independent of local utilities, but improper installation and maintenance can be a source of house fires. It’s important to have an expert service your waterstove.

Brown’s Heating and Plumbing has been providing customers with safe and efficient waterstove connection since 1964. We strive to provide our customers the best products available; that is why Brown’s Heating and Plumbing offer Taylor Manufacturing Waterstove products. 

Waterstove Connection Installation

Our trained and certified technicians will take care to follow local and national building codes and recommendations. For example, the walls, ceilings, and combustible materials in the area around your stove will be protected. We use appropriate clearances, backing, and insulation to keep your property safe.

Waterstove Connection Venting

Another key to wood stove connection is venting. The smoke needs to be vented outside of your home. Your chimney can be used if the flue size is appropriate for the flue outlet of your wood stove. Instead of inhaling the harmful byproducts of combustion, venting ensures only warmth enters the interior of your home. An approved stove to fireplace connection keeps your home and your family safe.

The Brown’s Waterstove Connection Approach

Our install goals are to be timely, inexpensive, and safe in any waterstove connection. We accomplish these goals with a minimum number of elbows and shortest connection possible for the layout. Our stovepipe materials are constructed to use the appropriate gauge and materials for the application. 

Call 803-222-7264 for trusted and experienced waterstove connection service.

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