Furnace Repair

If You Have Questions about Furnace Repair, Call in the Experts

Furnace Repair

When considering furnace repair, homeowners have plenty of questions. Not only do they want to stay comfortable, but also they need the repair to meet their budget. Here’s a list of common questions and some helpful answers.

What are the signs that I need furnace repair?

Your commitment to changing your air filters is admirable, but it’s not always enough. The mechanical and electrical components of your furnace have a limited lifespan. Even if the original unit was free of defects, wear can accumulate over time. Call in Brown’s Heating and Plumbing if you hear unusual noises, smell a strange odor, find your thermostat set point isn’t being maintained, or notice temperature inconsistencies among the zones of your home.

What are the benefits of furnace repair?

The good news is furnace repair benefits you all year long. Even when the furnace is off in the warmer seasons, air flows through your furnace box with each circulation. Beyond heating your home in the winter, your furnace has a fan that drives fresh and filtered air back to your home. A complete furnace repair will restore this shared part of your heating and cooling system.

Even if your repair needs are not related to the blower of the furnace box, your home will benefit from improved heating efficiency. Stop damage in its tracks, before it requires an expensive replacement.

How do you weigh furnace repair versus a complete replacement?

A certified technician is a trusted partner to help you make this decision. With a Weigh the pros and cons with a Brown’s Heating and Plumbing professional. The good news is a repair may be quicker and less expensive. The bad news is a quick fix can delay the inevitable. If you have a newer unit with limited wear, expect many more years from your furnace after a repair. If you have an older unit with accumulated damage, a replacement avoids another service call and an emergency failure.

With over 50 years of experience, Brown’s Heating and Plumbing is a partner in furnace repair you can trust. Call 803-222-7264 for a free estimate on furnace repair for your home.

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