Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel Systems for Heating and Cooling can Benefit Your York County Home

Duel Fuel System

Dual fuel systems are sometimes called hybrid systems. With these systems you can get ready to conserve energy and save money. Just like Hybrid cars save the driver money on gas, dual fuel systems save the homeowner money on monthly utility bills.

Dual fuel systems have two fuel sources: gas and electric. A gas furnace heats your home in the winter when the temperatures drop below freezing. An electrical heat pump cools your home in the summer and heats your home during milder winter temperatures.

These dual fuel sources offer the ultimate flexibility and most efficient operation from your heating and cooling system. It also comes in one convenient package to install, maintain, and service. Look no further than Brown’s Heating and Plumbing for experienced dual fuel system technicians.

How Do Dual Fuel Systems Work?

The heat pump powered by electricity heats and cools your home for most of the year in the typical Southeast temperatures. South Carolina’s mild winters mean the heat pump can support a warm air supply for the majority of the season. It also works well for the heat and humidity of the summer moving the warm air outdoors and cooling your space.

The gas furnace is an effective and reliable backup. If temperatures drop below freezing, the gas furnace kicks in to supply warm air to your home. It’s an economical and safe system for temperature control. It’s also customizable to whatever Mother Nature brings.

Why Dual Fuel Systems?

Homeowners are rewarded with lower monthly utility bills from an efficient unit optimal for the Southeast. The return on your investment is something to consider for a cost conscious homeowner.

Brown’s Heating and Plumbing has the latest dual fuel options in our product catalogue as a Trane certified comfort specialist dealer. The Trane technology, durability, and warranty are unmatched. Call 803-222-7264 to better understand whether dual fuel systems are right for you. The technology is available now to conserve energy and keep you comfortable.

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