Humidifiers Offer Superior Comfort to Homeowners


Humidifiers shine in the dry and cold seasons. In addition, they serve people with dry skin, sinus issues, and allergies year round. If your skin and nasal passages are frequently dry or your eyes commonly itch, think about evaluating the humidity levels in your home.

Thermostats are the first step toward a comfortable interior environment, but they are not the complete solution. Even when your home is at the thermostat set point temperature, a lack of moisture can make you uncomfortable. It can also aggravate health conditions like asthma and allergies.

A valuable second step is humidity control. In the winter, forced air heating can decrease moisture levels to 10%. Since the optimal level is 30-40%, a good ally for your heating system is a humidifier. Humidifiers restore moisture levels and may even eliminate the need for medication to sleep soundly through a cold. They are a natural and comfortable solution for your home and health.

Besides keeping you healthy, optimal moisture levels limit excessive energy expenditure on heating. Consider that moist air holds heat better than dry air. This scientific fact is a welcome relief for your monthly utility bills.

Brown’s Is Your Source for Affordable Humidifiers

A centralized humidifier is a great option for homeowners. Instead of smaller units in each bedroom, your whole house benefits from the proper humidity levels. If budget is a concern, we’ll evaluate your space and offer a catalogue of cost effective options that are both durable and affordable.

Count on Brown’s for professional service, installation, and preventative maintenance for humidifiers. Your health and comfort is our priority and humidifiers are one component in our playbook of solutions. For over 50 years, we’ve served customers interested in optimal humidity levels for their homes.

As certified Trane comfort specialists, our humidifiers are the latest and most innovative in the marketplace. Besides helping you select the right product, rest assured our technicians will provide the right installation. Call us at 803-222-7264 to learn more about how humidifiers can keep you comfortable all year long.

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