Air Conditioning Repair

Rely on the Experts in Air Conditioning Repair in Upper South Carolina

Air Conditioning Repair

There are a variety of reasons people call us for air conditioning repair help. Some are more obvious than others. The trained technicians at Brown’s Heating and Plumbing are at your service to identify the source of the problem, recommend a solution, and restore your cooling unit to peak efficiency.

Consider these signs that you need air conditioning repair:

  • Your cooling unit has power connected, but won’t turn on.
  • Your air conditioner is slow to ramp up to or ramp down from your thermostat’s set point.
  • The thermostat reads a cool set point but the indoor air temperature doesn’t seem to match.
  • Certain zones of your house are cool and comfortable and other rooms are hot and humid.
  • Your outdoor unit is emitting strange noises and even waking you up at night.
  • Your cooling system is over five years old and has never been serviced by a technician since installation.

Whether your home has reached the boiling point or your air conditioning repair signs are less obvious, it’s time to be proactive with your cooling unit. Schedule a visit from a seasoned technician for air conditioning repair; a timely repair prevents a premature replacement. Regular maintenance also extends your cooling system’s years of peak efficiency. Both of these benefits of air conditioning repair translate into lower costs to cool your home.

Why Call Brown’s for Air Conditioning Repair?

For more than five decades, Brown’s has been providing expert air conditioning repair to the York County area. Our trained, certified, and courteous technicians will clean your unit, troubleshoot any issues, and perform any repairs you need. Remember, a timely repair is different than a quick fix repair. Our strategy is to fix your unit right the first time and prevent future service calls for an emergency repair.

Remember that repair costs range from provider to provider. Brown’s invites you to compare our costs and customer experience to other companies in the upper South Carolina area. With our A+ rating and zero complaints with the BBB, you know you’ll always benefit from our expertise. Our goal is to protect your home, your comfort, and your family.

Call 803-222-7264 to set up air conditioning repair today. Our technicians will arrive on time and provide you superior service.

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