Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Are Easy With Brown’s Heating And Plumbing.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps do battle against water getting into your basement. They are mechanical devices that work hard during their relatively limited life expectancy. To operate most efficiently and support longevity, maintenance is recommended at least once per year. Environmental conditions like climate and home construction may warrant a sump pump backup or more frequent examination. Let Brown’s Heating and Plumbing recommend a maintenance plan to keep your sump pump working hard for you.

Brown’s has over 50 years of experience supporting homeowners. Our technicians are trained in servicing both pedestal and submersible sump pumps with both pressure and float water level sensing switches. We’re in the business of preventing basement flooding and expensive property damage with our sump pump maintenance plans.

Steps in a Brown’s Heating and Plumbing Sump Pumps Maintenance Visit

  • Clean the sump pump removing dirt and debris.
  • Remove obstructions from the check valve.
  • Unclog the discharge line.
  • Examine float switches and float guards ensuring the sump pump automatically turns on and off at the appropriate times.
  • Observe the proper operation of the pump once work is complete.

The Latest Sump Pump Technology

Brown’s is committed to staying up to date to offer our homeowners the best in sump pump service and maintenance. Secondary battery powered sump pumps can be installed to protect your residence in the event of failure of the primary pump. In addition, there are steps we can take to optimize the performance of your primary pump. High reliability is achieved from municipal water pressure driven sump pump systems. Our customers also benefit from a battery powered high water level alarm hung a short distance below the top of sump pumps.

Decades of Experience Providing Sump Pump Service

Brown’s has trained technicians to service either your automatic or manual sump pump. Whether you need a repair, a replacement, or an upgrade, we offer many types of sump pumps and backup systems. Let us examine your application, recommend the best approach to protect your home, and stay within your budget. We’re here to not only prevent a flood, but also eliminate moisture that promotes mold, mildew, health issues, and breathing problems.

Call 803-222-7264 for peace of mind from experts in sump pump installation, maintenance, and service.

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