De – Humidifiers

De-Humidifiers Help You Survive a Southeast Summer


Think about de-humidifiers during the hot and humid South Carolina summers. Your cooling unit supplies cold air effectively but needs an ally. Removing heat from the return air is not enough. De-humidifiers supplement the cooling unit’s action by removing moisture. Think of moisture as the wind chill temperature of the summer. By lowering the moisture level, you’ll feel cooler and more comfortable. You may just find you don’t need a lower thermostat set point during record highs.

De-Humidifiers Save You Money on Cooling

With lower levels of moisture, you may find a higher thermostat set point in the summer that suites your family. Moisture evaporates readily from the surface of your skin when the air around you has lower moisture levels. The evaporation provides a comfortable cooling sensation.

De-Humidifiers Protect You from Mold and Allergens

One of the scariest concerns in any home inspection is the presence of mold, which needs only moisture and a surface to become a problem. A wetter environment is also conducive to allergens like dust mites. Even a cool home with high levels of moisture is susceptible to these real health risks.

De-Humidifiers Protect Your Home

Besides mold, moisture contributes to structural concerns like rotting wood. High humidity can damage your furnishings and décor. Avoid the hassles of peeling paint and musty upholstery by reducing the moisture content inside your home.

Brown’s Offers Installation, Repair, and Maintenance for De-Humidifiers

At Brown’s Heating and Plumbing, we have the de-humidifier solution to protect your health and your home. As Trane certified comfort specialists, we offer centralized and localized dehumidifier solutions. We have a model to fit your space and your budget.

Our maintenance plans protect your investment and keep your humidity levels in the optimal range. After installation, count on Brown’s for your preventative maintenance. Every spring, we’d like to service your de-humidifier when we check out your cooling unit. Our technicians calibrate the humidistat, unplug the condensate drain, and monitor electrical connections.

Contact Brown’s today at 803-222-7264 for de-humidifiers service backed by 50 years of experience. Our customers enjoy even the most humid days of our South Carolina summers.

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