Home Generators

When the Power Goes Out, You’re Protected with Dependable Home Generators

Home Generators

A storm that knocks your power out is no reason to literally enter the dark ages, as long as you’ve got home generators to take over. You have a busy life, a family to support, and deadlines to meet that won’t wait for a utility crew to restore your power. With so many modern conveniences supported by electricity, it makes sense to protect your home and your family with reliable home generators.

Why Consider Home Generators?

After disasters or widespread outages, power could take weeks to resolve. Remote locations have an even greater risk. Even a storm that leaves you without power for a day raises lighting, refrigeration, entertainment, hair dryer, and security system challenges. Instead of inconveniencing a relative, missing commitments, spoiling food, or risking a break-in, count on home generators to operate your household like it’s business as usual.

What Are Your Options for Home Generators?

Some homeowners look to home generators to power life sustaining emergency medical equipment. Others target certain areas of the home or major appliances. Whether you want a localized convenient solution or whole house emergency coverage, Brown’s has a reliable home generator for you.

Popular features include low noise and anti-rust. In addition, we offer standby or manual units with natural gas, diesel, and liquid propane fuel options. Some customers select a portable home generator and others install a permanent unit outdoors on grade that looks like an air conditioning unit. Our standby units will turn on automatically whether you are home or away within seconds of a power outage.

Brown’s Heating and Plumbing – Experts in Home Generators

When your power goes off, home generators keep your life on the grid. Brown’s understands this well and has a model to meet your goals. We’ll take your concerns seriously and keep your budget in mind. Our family-owned business has over 50 years of experience serving customers from install of home generators to maintenance and support. Ask us about our popular Kohler and Trane home generators. Expect high quality power from our solutions that won’t harm sensitive electronics.

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